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Canicross Demo w/ Greenbelt | Essex County's Land Trust

Often folks that put on trail races are interested in allowing dogs but aren't sure of all the safety precautions involved. They've seen dog friendly 5Ks but, perhaps, never a proper canicross race. So, sometimes, they work with you to put on a little demo to introduce new people to the sport but also to show the race organizers how it can be done safely!

Earlier this month, the Frex lead a canicross demo @ the beautiful Vineyard Hill Reservatio in Hamilton, MA. This is one of Greenbelt's newer properties and the trails are lovely (and even bikejor-able!)

Frex had a good time showing folks harness styles, harness fit, bungees and human belt options and we hope some of them will continue in the sport, either recreationally or visiting some local races.

Here's some photos of our friends out on the trail

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