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So You Wanna Canicross... Now What?


Human belt - personally, I use a Nonstop Canix belt but also a Nooksack or Neewa work as well. For running, I definitely prefer a belt with leg loops but if you're planning on being a cani-trail aka cani-hiker or cani-walker, a trekking belt without the leg loops could serve you just fine (particularly if your dog isn't a huge puller)

Mushing harness - you need to decide if you're going with a full back style harness like a normal crossback for mushing (I get mine from Nooksack but any local maker should be good!) or a Freemotion (this are by Nonstop Dogwear, mentioned above) or a Zero DC (I get mine from Nooksack mentioned above). For reference, dog in image above is wearing a Zero DC (back is open vs a crossback where there is.... yep you guessed it, a cross). OR if you want to go with a half harness because your dog is not very pully or pulls crooked or seems to hate the other style or might back out of the harness, etc. CTC is popular for half harnesses.

Bungee - wherever you buy your other gear should also have a bungee to sell you. Personally, again, I go Nonstop but they are pricey so if you aren't sure this is going to be your new obsession, fine to go with a more budget friendly option.

And now what?

I'd recommend, before you go anywhere, spending some time acclimating your dog to the harness. With my puppies, before they are even ready to do anything, we practice sticking head through harness hole, getting a cookie or two and repeat. This way, by the time we are ready to run and they are jazzed up and screaming; they are already condition to shove their head enthusiastically through their harness and I don't have to fight them on it.

And coming up next..... commands! Stay tuned

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